FSP as a complex document required by law, to prepare for your response to fire emergencies.

You Need A Fire Safety Plan (FSP)

Restaurants, hospitals, arenas, warehouses, multi family dwellings, Apartments, and almost all buildings with Fire Alarm systems require a fire safety plan by law across Canada. Call us today and we can let you know if your fire code requires a Fire Safety Plan. 

Each Fire Safety plan is tailored to the individual building or complex based upon the occupancy, tenants and types of life safety equipment in the building. 

Each Fire Safety Plan includes a brief description of all life safety equipment, human resources, administrative duties, emergency procedures, floor plan layouts, maintenance procedures, fire prevention, fire extinguishment, notifying the fire department when life safety systems in the building are shut down and instructions to be posted.

Fire Department Approval

Once we have your fire alarm prepared, we will submit it on your behalf to the Authority having Jurisdiction (municipal Fire Department) for review or approval. We will work with the AHJ until the Fire Safety Plan is stamped approved. At that time we will hand deliver and install your Fire Safety Plan in the approved designated location. 

We always Provide FREE QUOTES with NO OBLIGATION, so call 519-997-3233 or email us today to find out how we can improve your fire safety and reduce the liability for you.



Fire Safety Plans are required to be reviewed at least annually to ensure that all information contained within is up to date and applicable. Where changes have occured, the plan is required to be updated accordingly.